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Thread: 8051 microcontroller ------- mazidi

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Intel 8086 is a 16-bit HMOS microprocessor. It is available in 40 pin DIP chip. It uses a 5V d.c. supply for its operation. The 8086 uses 20-line address bus. The following section gives the pin description for 8086 microprocessor in details. Read this topic
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    8051 microcontroller ------- mazidi

    I Need ebook : 8051 microcontroller by Mazidi, If you guys have pdf ebook please share with me. I will be very thankful for this.

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    Re: 8051 microcontroller ------- mazidi

    if you want to download Mazidi ebook pdf as well as other material related to 8051 Microcontroller such as hand written notes, programs, question bank. so i am sharing you one link which i found on SIJIT Professors blog, you can copy paste this at address bar of your browser and visit it. have fun !

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    Re: 8051 microcontroller ------- mazidi

    thanks for uploading the link .it was very helpful to me.thank you very much

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