Challenges And Opportunities In Civil Engineering Seminar And Presentation

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Civil engineers play an important role in the development, especially in the infrastructures. Infrastructures are vital for economic growth particularly for developing countries. In Malaysia, we have successfully implemented many mega projects such as North South Highway, Penang Bridge, dams, ports, airports, power stations, water supply systems and highrise buildings. The
technology and experience gained by our civil engineers in these projects would place our civil engineers to a level of greater opportunities to export the expertise to other developing countries who are in need of them.

The challenge is to continue updating on professional skill in acquiring new technologies and resources as well as extending our knowledge in the related areas such as project management and communication skills for better quality and productivity. The global liberalisation would extend our market to many countries especially the developing neighbours. In our pursue for challenges and opportunities, we should not neglect in our awareness for environmental health and safety issues.

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