Lightning And Surge Protection Of Modern Electronic Systems Seminar & Report

In virtually all aspects of our modern lives, microprocessors and integrated circuits (ICs) are hard at work processing digital data, controlling critical systems and communicating information through ever-expanding global networks. These now common components have dramatically lowered system costs while increasing the power and flexibility of modern electronic systems in a
manner unimaginable just a few years ago. Yet, few developers seem to appreciate the fact that these devices are critically susceptible to both externally and internally generated voltage transients and surges and especially those produced by lightning.
What would lead experienced system designers and engineers to attempt to manage transient voltage control and surge suppression for these modern systems by the use of protective technology designed for previous generations of electronics? The answers may lie in the following questions:
  • Is there updated research available on the effects of lightning and voltage transients?
  • Are widespread misconceptions regarding the “manageability” of lightning a factor?
  • Have rapid advances in electronics out-paced the development of protective technology?

The purpose of this paper is to answer these basic questions and deal with the issues in an attempt to suggest a comprehensive but manageable approach for the design of modern protective systems.

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