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Thread: Smart Sensors PPT PDF Paper Presentation & Seminar Report

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    Pdf 32 Smart Sensors PPT PDF Paper Presentation & Seminar Report

    Smart Sensors Paper Presentation & Seminar

    The advent of integrated circuits, which became possible because of the tremendous progress in semiconductor technology, resulted in the low cost microprocessor. Thus if it is possible to design a low cost sensor which is silicon based then the overall cost of the control system can be reduced .We can have integrated sensors which has electronics and the transduction element together on one silicon chip. This complete system can be called as system-on-chip .The main aim of integrating the electronics and the sensor is to make an intelligent sensor, which can be called as smart sensor. Smart sensors then have the ability to make some decision. Physically a smart sensor consists of transduction element, signal conditioning electronic and controller/processor that support some intelligence in a single package. In this report the usefulness of silicon technology as a smart sensor, physical phenomena of conversion to electrical output using silicon sensors, characteristics of smart sensors. A general architecture of smart sensor is presented.

    Please find the attached file along with this

    If You have any query regarding the files.Please feel free to ask.I'll be glad to help you.

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    Re: Smart Sensors PPT PDF Paper Presentation & Seminar Report

    very beneficial for us thank you, keep posting..
    Vrishti Singh

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    Re: Smart Sensors PPT PDF Paper Presentation & Seminar Report

    Thank you man ............

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    Re: Smart Sensors PPT PDF Paper Presentation & Seminar Report

    thank you for sending this ppt

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