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Thread: To Be or Not to be a Future Leader Which Is Your Choice?

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    Chart 32 To Be or Not to be a Future Leader Which Is Your Choice?

    Just try to answer these few questions with a yes or no to know how much you desire to lead?

    1. I find it easier to be a cheer leader for people both when times are good as well as bad.
    2. I monitor and guide them but the responsibility of outcome is entirely on the team whether good or bad.
    3. I mentor and train them to work on their incompetence and evolve as a future leader.
    4. I enjoy resolving interpersonal conflicts within the team and encourage them to work as a group.

    • If the answer to questions from 1 to 4 other than 2 is a yes then you are definitely the future leader and if the answer is yes only for question 2 then you do not fit in the criteria of becoming a future leader but in any case just go through this piece of writing to get motivated and add value to your thoughts and the rest is an obvious personal choice.
    • The most basic precondition for leadership is the desire to lead combined with hard work to become a successful leader; and if you are not prepared to work hard and if you're uncertain whether you want to lead or not, you will definitely find it difficult to lead people effectively. Leadership is the ability to motivate and channelize people towards a desired destination or goal with the necessary actions, citing practical life examples, giving lectures and presentations so as to make people tread your way.
    • Leaders help do the right actions and make others follow the same as they set the direction, put up a stimulating vision, and make something new always. Leadership is about mapping your actions to your goals to succeed as a team or an organization; and it is vibrant, elating, and inspirational. Leaders do set the direction but they must also use management techniques to guide their people smoothly and effectively.
    • A leader can be anyone within the team who has an exclusive talent to think out of the box, possessing a great idea or thought for a certain aspect of the business or project that can prove useful to the company, business or team. A leader leads based on his or her abilities and strengths and not on titles or designations. An individual with a small desire to lead combined with simple leadership techniques of being clear, precise, practical, committed and responsible can prove to be a role model and asset for any business, organization or company.

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