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Thread: Ethernet Technology PPT Presentation Dowload

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    Ppt 32 Ethernet Technology PPT Presentation Dowload

    An overview of Ethernet Technology--

    • Most popular packet-switched LAN technology
    • Bandwidths: 10Mbps, 100Mbps, 1Gbps
    • Max bus length: 2500m
      • 500m segments with 4 repeaters
    • Bus and Star topologies are used to connect hosts
      • Hosts attach to network via Ethernet transceiver or hub or switch
        • Detects line state and sends/receives signals
      • Hubs are used to facilitate shared connections
      • All hosts on an Ethernet are competing for access to the medium
        • Switches break this model
    • Problem: Distributed algorithm that provides fair access

    The complete PPT on Ethernet is attached for download...

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    Re: Ethernet Technology PPT Presentation Dowload

    nice one....abhi ..

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