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Thread: Satellite Optical Communications PDF PPT Seminar Report

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    Pdf 32 Satellite Optical Communications PDF PPT Seminar Report

    Any Communication system needs a medium to operate. Satellite communication and optical communication are two different methods of communication. Satellite communication uses a satellite as a repeater between two points that exchange
    information, here medium is air and information is passed as electromagnetic waves. Satellite Communication is important where installation of cable is difficult. Satellite communication has emerged fruitful in wideband communication systems like TV Broadcasting (Direct To Home), Defense, Weather forecasting, space navigation, telemetry. Important components of
    a satellite communication system are transmitter (Source at earth, originating), receiver (Destination at earth), and a Transponder.
    Optical Communication generally uses optical fiber as a medium and information is transmitted in the form of light. Because of their higher modulation frequency capability, the importance of light (laser) as a means of carrying information did not go unnoticed by communications engineers. Light has the information carrying capability of 10,000 times that of highest radio frequencies being used. Optical communication system consists of transmitter, channel and receiver. Transmitter consists of amplifier, modulator and a light emitting semi conductor device, where as receiver contains photo detecting devices. Primary
    applications of optical communication are telephony, medicine, digital audio applications. Optical communication systems have advantages over RF systems that include a widerbandwidth, larger capacity, lower power consumption, more compact equipment, greater security against eavesdropping, and immunity from interference Because of this they are
    expected to revolutionize space system architectures.

    please click on the link below to download report on Satellite Optical Communications

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    Re: Satellite Optical Communications PDF PPT Seminar Report

    thanky you very match

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    Heart 32 Re: Satellite Optical Communications PDF PPT Seminar Report

    fadoo engineers great job for awesome collection................
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    Re: Satellite Optical Communications PDF PPT Seminar Report

    I am not able to download this report can anyone please send me???

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