There were around 350 students of CS/IT ofUGI sitting for the technical round in which there were 3 Compulsory programs.... in which only 23 were selected for the next round.
Surprisingly there were 3 rapid fire rounds in which they selected only 10 students. The rapid fire round was again program based.Then there was a PI round in which each Candidate was deeply scrutinized for 40-45 min each... then there was a HR round for those who were selected finally
Topics for Technical Round:
Qus- WAP for finding the next greater prime number.
Sample i/p: 20 Sample o/p:23
Qus- WAP for the string so that it prints the string in this way:-
Sample i/p: aaabbcc Sample o/p: a3b2c2
Qus- WAP to print the number of occurences of duplicate words in string
Sample i/p: "The fox is the fox of running over the top over
the:3 times
fox:2 times
over:2 times
Qus- Print Pattern in 15 mins:
* *
** **
Qus- WAP for calculating cubes without using any function or multiplication.
Sample i/p : 5 Sample o/p: 125

Topics for technical PI:
-Give Score to your OOP concept out of 10
-diffrence b/w abstract classes and interface
-diff. b/w Abstraction and Data hiding
-Function overloading and overriding
-Can there be two function with the same name, parameters, and same class with diffrent return types?
-primary key, unique key
-in a table of three entries S.NO, Name and Salary. write a query for second highest salary.

Topics for HR:
-About yourself
-Mention any 10 points shown in ppt
-Do you smoke?
-Whom do you consider your best friend, and mention any quality of your friend you dislike.