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Thread: Required intern - 3d printing starup

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    Required intern - 3d printing starup

    About Jahan International
    Jahan International is a 3D printing service bureau based in Delhi for all people with an eye for design and a head full of ideas. We believe that through design engineering and advanced technology such as 3D printing, we can empower the designers, innovators and thinkers to create some outstanding and innovative products.

    Job profile:
    The selected candidate will work on following:
    1. Building CAD models for 3d printing
    2. To determine the customer demand for additive manufacturing in various types of industries
    3. Conduct a thorough analysis of the 3D printing scenario in Delhi
    4.Organizing workshops

    He/she should be innovative and creative while working with 3D printers

    Requirements :
    Inquisitive minds please!
    Mechanical/Industrial/Electrical engineers preferred

    Interested candidates can mail their CV on jahaninternational.india[MENTION=183...[/MENTION].com
    Contact: +91-9910728125

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