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Thread: Civil Engineering Project Management PDF Download

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Status of EIA in India

< Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) EIA initiated in late 70s as administrative requirement. EIA Notification, 1994 mandated 32 Categories of Projects / Processes for environmental clearance. Re-engineered EIA Notification, 2006 superseded the EIA Notification, 1994. Project level EIAs are practiced in India. Read this topic
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    Pdf 32 Civil Engineering Project Management PDF Download

    Most civil engineering construction projects are completed to time and budget but few get publicity for it. More often building projects are reported as exceeding time or budget because a building has to cater for the diverse needs of the many users of the building which can be difficult to forecast or may change as construction proceeds. In civil engineering the principal hazards come from the need to deal with below ground conditions, make structures out of re-assembled soils or rocks, and to cater for the forces of impounded or flowing water. The construction of roads, railways, tunnels, bridges, pipelines, dams, harbours, canals and river training measures, flood and sea defences, must all be tailored to the conditions found on site as construction proceeds because it is not possible to foresee such conditions in every detail beforehand.

    As a result the successful management of a civil engineering project depends upon use of an appropriate contract for construction; the judgements of the civil engineer in charge and his team of engineering advisers; the needto arrange for supervision of the work of construction as it proceeds, and on the competence of the contractor engaged to build the works and his engineers and tradesmen.

    Here's a book on Civil Engineering Project Management in the attachment.

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    Re: Civil Engineering Project Management PDF Download

    This book does not have anything related to ies syllabus..

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