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Thread: Engineering quote by Acott Adams

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Forward- and Reverse-Biased Junctions

One useful feature of a p-n junction is that current flows quite freely in the p to n direction when the p region has a positive external voltage bias relative to n (forward bias and forward current), whereas virtually no current flows when p is made negative relative to n (reverse bias and reverse current). This asymmetry of the current flow makes the p-n junction diode very useful as a rectifier Read this topic
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    Heart 32 Engineering quote by Acott Adams

    What you say about this words by Scott Adoms. These are great and inspirational quote.

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    Re: Engineering quote by Acott Adams

    Impressive qoute. As I'm an engineer and I'm passionate about my work. All I want is to appreciate engineers more and more for engineers have been playing an important role developing and establishing societies.

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