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Thread: Computational Hydraulics lecture pdf

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Pumps in Series and Parallel

Pumps can be arranged in series or in parallel to provide for additional head or flow capacity. When the pumps are arranged in series the inlet of second pump is connected to the outlet of the first pump so that same flow rate passes through each pump, but the heads generated by the two pumps are added together for a given flow rate. Read this topic
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    Download Computational Hydraulics lecture pdf

    Prof. M.S.MohanKumar
    Department of Civil Engineering

    Introduction to Hydraulics of Open Channels

    Basic Concepts

    Conservation Laws

    Critical Flows

    Uniform Flows

    Gradually Varied Flows

    Rapidly Varied Flows

    Unsteady Flows

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    Re: Computational Hydraulics lecture pdf

    Thank you for sharing useful notes on computational hydraulics. Really helpful to study the topic.

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