Speech Application Language Tags (SALT) is a small number of XML elements that may be embedded into host programming languages to speech-enable applications which enables the users to speak and listen to a computer will greatly enhance the ability for users to access computers at any time from nearly any place. SALT may be used to develop telephony (speech input and output only) applications and multimodal applications (speech input and output, as well as keyboard and mouse input and display output). SALT and the host programming language provide control structures not available in VoiceXML, the current standard language for developing speech applications.

Speaking and listening is so fundamental that people take it for granted. Everyday people ask questions. They give instructions. Speaking and listening are necessary for learning and training, for selling and buying, for persuading and agreeing, and for most social interactions. For the majority of people, speaking and understanding spoken speech is simply the most convenient and natural way of interacting with other people.

Speech recognition converts spoken words and phrases into text, and speech synthesis converts text to human-like spoken words and phrases.

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