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Thread: please give me the notes for electrical distribution system

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    Ask please give me the notes for electrical distribution system

    topics such as:-
    UNIT-1: Introduction to Distribution systems, Explanation of basic terms like demand factor, utilization factor,load factor, plant factor, diversity factor, coincidence factor, contribution factor and loss factor-Relationshipbetween the load factor and loss factor - Classification of loads , Changes in load curve due to loads.UNIT-2: Feeders: Radial and loop types, engineering considerations for voltage levels and loading, causes ofunbalance and unequal drops.UNIT-3 : System analysis : Voltage drop and power loss calculations, manual methods of solution of radialnetworks, three-phase & non-three-phase primary lines load flow and symmetrical component applications.UNIT-4:Voltage control : Equipment for voltage control, effect of series capacitors, effect of AVB/AVR, linedrop calculations and compensations, Reactive power requirements, economic consideration & best location.UNIT-5 : Introduction to Distribution Automation, Data acquisition system and decentralized control, dataacquisition and protection considerations of control panel( Specific reference to MCCB, HRC), earthing.UNIT-6: Substation :- Equipment, layouts, theoretical consideration for fault calculations.

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    Re: please give me the notes for electrical distribution system

    To download the study material follow the given link.

    Also you can search the study material of your choice. To search study material go to the home page and type the name of the book in the search box which will be shown at upper left corner of the screen with the title "Search". Then click the attachment download will start by itself.

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    to amos.0119

    Thankyou soo much your link it will help me alot

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