Mechanical Engineering being core subject of engineering and Technology, is taught to almost all branches
of engineering, throughout the world. The subject covers various topics as evident from the course content,
needs a compact and lucid book covering all the topics in one volume. Keeping this in view the authors
have written this book, basically covering the cent percent syllabi of Mechanical Engineering (TME-
102/TME-202) of U.P. Technical University, Lucknow (U.P.), India.
From 2004�05 Session UPTU introduced the New Syllabus of Mechanical Engineering which covers
Thermodynamics, Engineering Mechanics and Strength of Material. Weightage of thermodynamics is 40%,
Engineering Mechanics 40% and Strength of Material 20%. Many topics of Thermodynamics and Strength
of Material are deleted from the subject which were included in old syllabus but books available in the
market give these useless topics, which may confuse the students. Other books cover 100% syllabus of this
subject but not covers many important topics which are important from examination point of view. Keeping
in mind this view this book covers 100% syllabus as well as 100% topics of respective chapters.
The examination contains both theoretical and numerical problems. So in this book the reader gets
matter in the form of questions and answers with concept of the chapter as well as concept for numerical
solution in stepwise so they don�t refer any book for Concept and Theory.
This book is written in an objective and lucid manner, focusing to the prescribed syllabi. This book
will definitely help the students and practicising engineers to have the thorough understanding of the