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Thread: Android is the Rising Star - Clearly Winning the Platform War!

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    Android is the Rising Star - Clearly Winning the Platform War!

    Today we observe numerous smartphone providers competing for our love and affection (and off course the money lying in our pockets) as their potential smartphone customers all around the globe. This doesn't mean that still there is a war for dominance among the platforms as the furious platform supremacy war seems to be over. According to a new forecast published by IDC (International Data Corporation), the dominance of Google�s Android and Apple�s iOS on top is fixed as other platforms fail to make a mark. Talking exclusively about Android and IOS, Android is way ahead.

    Android devices are dominating like hot selling potatoes with above 80% market share, and are looking all set to rule worldwide smartphone market until 2019 and beyond. No other player is around except Apple�s iOS platform which looks prepared to hold its own against Android�s popularity.

    The following chart shows a forecast of smartphone operating system market share in 2015 and 2019.

    Grabbing the big opportunity in connected device operating system marketplace

    As we can see that Android is emerging as an obvious winner in mobile platform war,
    mobile app developers need to prepare themselves for this big opportunity.

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