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Thread: FaaDoOs and their New year Resolutions...!

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    Heart 32 FaaDoOs and their New year Resolutions...!

    Hey FaaDoOs..Welcome to

    A Happy New Year to you all...

    Lets share our New Year resolutions in this section..

    Here goes mine: "To make more n more awesome cartoons for all of you FaaDoOs out there.."

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    Mine is to finally give up my habit of smoking!!!!

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    most imp thng is to tryna take bath b4 goin 4 classes........:ignat_02:

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    to bathe and eat breakfast everyday
    to attend classes regularly

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    Well Well ... I dont make a Any New Year Resolutions x]

    But Still My New Year resolution is to try not to flirt a lot with girls xD
    :Rulezzz_09: P s P :Rulezzz_02:

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    save water n time... use deoderant :p

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    My new year resolution will be to concentrate on one subject one particular thing at a time and not to left the things undone or uncomplete

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    I join Fitness Gym...

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