Rank Lists

Onlycandidates who appear in both Paper 1 and Paper 2 will be considered forranking.
Themarks obtained by a candidate in Physics in JEE (Advanced) 2016 will be equalto the marks scored in Physics part of Paper 1 plus the marks scored in Physicspart of Paper 2. Marks obtained in Chemistry and Mathematics will be calculatedin the same way.
Theaggregate marks obtained by a candidate in JEE (Advanced) 2016 is the sum ofthe marks awarded to him/her in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
Ranklists will be prepared based on the aggregate marks in JEE (Advanced) 2016.
Ifthe aggregate marks scored by two or more candidates are same, then thefollowing tie-break policy will be used for awarding ranks:
Higherrank will be assigned to the candidate who has obtained higher marks inMathematics. If this does not break the tie, higher rank will be assigned tothe candidate who has obtained higher marks in Physics. If there is a tie evenafter this, candidates will be assigned the same rank.
Ranklists for preparatory courses (see Preparatory Courses )will be prepared for SC, ST candidates and PwD candidates in all categories whosatisfy the prescribed relaxed criteria given below.
Acandidate who qualifies in more than one category will be considered in all thecategories to which he/she belongs for the purpose of ranking.
Therewill be no waiting list for ranking.
Onlycandidates who score the minimum prescribed marks in each subject and inaggregate will be included in the rank list. The minimum prescribed marks varieswith the category. These are as shown in the following table.

Rank List Minimum percentage of marks in each subject Minimum percentage of aggregate marks
Common rank list (CRL) 10.0 35.0
OBC-NCL rank list 9.0 31.5
SC rank list 5.0 17.5
ST rank list 5.0 17.5
Common-PwD rank list (CRL-PwD) 5.0 17.5
OBC-NCL-PwD rank list 5.0 17.5
SC-PwD rank list 5.0 17.5
ST-PwD rank list 5.0 17.5
Preparatory course rank lists 2.5 8.75

NB: CRL is the rank list in which all candidates (across all categories) will be given ranks.

Reference Link: http://goo.gl/bi15wC