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Thread: Can u answer this???

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    Information Can u answer this???

    X is important than LOVE.X is imposible 4 GOD.X is above GOD.If u eat X u'll die.X is 7 letter word.If u r genius say what is X ???

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    Re: Can u answer this???


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    Another answer

    Its "FREEDOM", It is more important than LOVE, , GOD cannot have FREEDOM to him as he is responsible for everything. We also pray to GOD to have MOKSHA that is ultimate FREEDOM, so we don't want GOD, we ask FREEDOM to the GOD i.e. its above GOD, If u eat your FREEDOM your existence is killed so u die by virtue. and is seven letter word.
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    Re: Can u answer this???

    no its wrong try something more yar..... it's soo familiar word
    try once more ....,,
    i'l tell it the next time

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    Re: Can u answer this???

    Nothing ?
    nothing is familiar. xP

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    Re: Can u answer this???

    s.... it's correct

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    Re: Can u answer this???

    Wts d crrct answr, is it nothing??

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    Re: Can u answer this???

    Is "Nothing" right answer??

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    Re: Can u answer this???

    is Nothing more important then love?..

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    Re: Can u answer this???

    I agree nothing is the answer

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