Dear students this is fourth edition of prosig noise & vibration measurement. Which contain 84 pages in complete ebook.
This ebook guide you on this topics (Notes & Articles Index)

Data Capture & Measurement

  • Made to measure
  • What are dB, noise floor & dynamic range
  • Strain gauges explained
  • Accelerometer mounting methods
  • What is the difference between single ended & differential inputs
  • What is the difference between microphone types

Noise & Vibration Analysis

  • Standard octave bands
  • Interpretation of the Articulation Index
  • A, B & C weighting
  • Audio equalisation filter & parametric filtering
  • Fourier analysis: The basics & beyond
  • What is resonance
  • Aliasing, orders & wagon wheels
  • How to measure noise & vibration in rotating machines
  • A simple frequency response function Frequency, Hertz & orders
  • Fatigue & durability testing: How do I do it?
  • Vibration analysis: Should we measure
  • acceleration, velocity or displacement?
  • How to calculate a resultant vector Understanding the cross correlation function
  • The basics of digital filtering

Vibration Condition Monitoring

  • Measuring shaft displacement
  • Signal conditioning for high common-mode & isolation
  • Monitoring auxiliary machinery
  • Understanding the importance of transducer orientation