One must understand that there is not so much difference between an MBA and PGDM in India. They both share equal market value if done from a reputed management institutes in India. However the question comes in mind which program has more value if one is planning to take up job opportunities abroad.
All of the UGC of India has declared that PGDM as equivalent to MBA degree and the management colleges are recognized by AICTE.
MBA is the degree, whereas PGDM is the diploma and matters only in the govt job. If someone wants to apply for govt job he/she should have a degree otherwise if you are getting admission in the top college for PGDM then it is better than MBA.
Let us take a college like Great lakes Institute of Management, it provides PGDM course which is taken through CAT or MAT. In this example the PGDM is more valuable.
An MBA equivalent PGDM Course is ideal for:

  • Business people looking to gain additional skills.
  • Managers aspiring to executive and leadership positions.
  • High level executives who are looking for a qualification to accompany their experience as a manager/leader.

A Full time MBA in India is ideal for:

  • People who wish to build specialised skills and focus on one particular field.
  • Recent graduates with little hands on business experience.
  • Students who are more oriented towards theory and interested in performing extensive research in a chosen field.

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