Hi All,

I have found best civil engineering projects which would help you a lot in your internships or engineering degree.

  • Redesign of an Existing Apartment Block in Kv Preussen to Passive House

This civil engineering project tells you how to turn existing apartment block into passiive houses. This project is really unknown and different.

Source: Jönköping University
Author: Faxå, Magnus | Ranwald, Emil

  • Soil Bioengineering for Upland Slope Stabilization

This civil engineering project gives you an idea to provide alternatives for soil sloping. They used following criteria ike safety, visibility, climate, moisture conditions etc.

Source: Washington State Department of Transportation
Authors: Lisa Lewis | Sandra L. Salisbur | Shannon Hagen

  • System Identification of Irrigation Channels with Overshot and Undershot Gates

This civil engineering project describes the entire dynamics of the irrigation system can be used as a tool for the control system design.

Source: Uppsala University
Author: Euren, Karin

  • An Analysis of Success and Failure Factors for ERP Systems in Engineering and Construction Firms

This civil engineering project shows the entire analysis of sucess and failure factors for all ERp systems. This would help you in researching formaulated concepts in order to suceed in ERP systems.

Source: University of Maryland
Author: Chung, BooYoung