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These are the easiest civil engineering projects to choose for your engineering degree.

  • Irrigation with Wastewater in Andhra Pradesh, India, A Water Balance Evaluation along Peerzadiguda Canal

This civil engineering projects focuses on uantity of waste water while irrigation. This study shows a clear picture on optimizing various concepts and water balance.

Source: Uppsala University
Author: Hytteborn, Julia

  • Design of inter-component load-bearing connections in prefabricated single-family houses

This civil engineering project tells you the connections between prefabricated timber elements. In this work, standardization of inter-coomponent connections would improve and relevant examples.

Source: Linnaeus University
Author: Poggenburg, Julia

  • Hydrodynamic capacity study of the wave-energized Baltic aeration pump: General applicability to the Baltic Sea and location study for a pilot project in Kanholmsfjärden

This civil engineering projects includes one of the greatest issues in enviroment. In this, you would understand that bottom water is needed to enhance the binding of phosporous.

Source: KTH
Author: Carstens, Christoffer

  • Risk-Based Bridge Maintenance Strategies

This Civil Engineering project is very helpful in terms of aging the bridges and saving more human lives. This method includes various strategies for bridge maintenance. This is a systematic approach for monitoring risks with inexpensive cost and risk.
Source: University of Maryland
Author: Al-Wazeer, Adel Abdel-Rahman