Hi All,

Below are the best electrical engineering projects.

  • Multivariable feedback control of Electromagnetic Reluctance Force Actuators

This project would make you aware how to design a road simulator for Squeak and Rattle studies related to electromagnetic actuators. The objective is to make a strong controller which stabilizes the hindrance free system. It is good for effective bandwidth.

Source: KTH
Author: Sundqvist, Niclas

  • Implementation of CAN Communication Stack in AUTOSAR

This Electrical engineering projects would make you explore the possibilities for implementing a CAN communication stack using AUTOSAR methodology.

Source: Linköping University
Authors: Alexandersson, Johan | Nordin, Olle

  • Retargeting a C Compiler for a DSP Processor

This electrical engineering projects is to re target a C compiler for a DSP processor. Developing a new compiler from scratch is a major task. This describes how this was done with LLC C Compiler for various processor.

Source: Linköping University
Author: Antelius, Henrik

  • AC Power Monitoring System

This electrical engineering project is to show the ability to measure the energy consumption.

Source: Cedarville University
Authors: Jared L. Newman | Luke M. Tomlinson | Grayson H. Dearing | Frederick G. Harmon