• Determination of Plant Architecture and Component Phenotype Based on Time-lapse Image Analysis

Plant breeding and the development of new food production depend on accurate measurement of different phenotypes (observable physical traits) of a plant. The plant phenotypes play a very important role in the agronomic production.
Source: University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Author: Srinidhi Bashyam

  • Non-Proprietary Web Mapping Solutions for use in Corporations: A WSP Case Study

The development of web mapping industry is so fast that hundreds of web mapping software products are being created each year. These products are usually parts of three solution categories: a) proprietary solutions, b) Open source solutions, or c) Web 2.0 mashup solutions.

Source: University of Gävle
Author: Jiang, Tian

  • Securing Network Connected Applications with Proposed Security Models

An interesting finding during our work was that, using a methodology that leads to low KLOC-values results in high security, though low KLOC-values and high security go hand-in-hand.
Source: Växjö University
Author: Konstantaras, Dimitrios | Tahir, Mustafa

  • Honeypots Revealed

Include a mixture of software and hardware components. But however, honeypots fall under two main categories, Detection and Respond. Honeypots have a primary goal, which is to collect as much information as possible on the attack.