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Thread: Mechanical Engineering Important Topics

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    Mechanical Engineering Important Topics

    The following are the list of important topics in terms of mechanical engineerings, which every students should cover in their academic life. These topics are considered to be most frequently covered in most of the competitive examinations like GATE exam, IES examination and other competitions.

    The following are the subject wise topics:

    1. Theory of Machines & Vibration
    Pairs and its applications, Linkages, Inversions of single and double slider crank, Free damped vibrations, Planetary gear train, Gears LOC, POC. Shafts problems, Governors and Fly wheel.

    2. Industrial Engineering:
    Queuing theory, EOQ problems, Inventory control.

    3. Engineering Mechanics:
    Structural analysis, Work and Energy, Law of Restitution

    4. Engineering Materials:
    Effect of Alloying elements, Defects in crystal structure.
    Heat treatment.

    5. Strength of materials:
    Stress and strain, Deflections, SF & BM, Bending stress.

    6. Machine Design
    Joints, Design of gears, and bearings

    7. Fluid Mechanics
    Velocity potential, Flow through Pipes, Boundary layer theory.
    Easy level topics in GATE: Buoyancy, Surface tension, Capillary, Applications of Bernoulli equation.Centrifugal pumps, Specific speeds of turbine and pumps, Unit quantities of turbines and pumps.

    8. Heat Transfer
    Numbers in convection like Pr No, Gr No, Re No, etc.Problems on conduction, Critical thickness, Shape factor in radiation, Problem in Heat exchangers like Ntu.

    9. Manufacturing
    Orthogonal cutting, Tool life equation problems. Casting types and design of castings, Riser and Gate design of casting, Resistance welding, Problems on welding.
    Limits fits and tolerances, Metrology measuring, Non traditional machining, CNC programming.

    10. Thermal Sciences
    Second law and First law problems, Steam turbines, Availability.
    MLaws of TD, Properties, Problems on Diesel, Otto, Dual cycle, Detonation and Knocking, turbo machinery

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    Re: Mechanical Engineering Important Topics

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