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Please send me link of four wheel steering seminar
Post: Four Wheel Steering PPT PDF Seminar Report & Paper Presentation
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Four Wheel Steering Paper Presenataion & Seminar

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This paper deals with the details of four wheel steering (4WS) system. With the help of this system all the four wheels can be turned to any direction using the steering. Thus the vehicle can be controlled more effectively especially during cornering and parking. Also the speed of the vehicle can be increased or decreased. `There are three types of production of four-wheel steering systems:

1. Mechanical 4WS
2. Hydraulic 4WS
3. Electro/hydraulic 4WS

The mechanical 4WS uses two separate steering gears to control the front and rear wheels. The hydraulic 4WS uses a two-way hydraulic cylinder to turn both the wheels in the same direction. It is not possible to turn them in the opposite direction. The electro/hydraulic 4WS combine computer electronic controls with hydraulics to make the system sensitive to both steering angle and road speeds. This system finds application in off-highway vehicles such as fork lifts, agricultural and construction equipment and mining machinery. It is also useful in passenger cars, mainly SUVs.

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