This system is helpful for digital learning process and also for conducting (M.C.Q.) Multiple Choice Question Examinations which can be conducted after learning is completed by the student .The IT initiatives have encouraged various Organizations to develop systems to facilitate their day to day operations. The Digital Literacy Program will include You-Tube videos of various programs and modules for digital learning. This system helps in conducting examinations quickly and can thus help in saving time and the operations will be carried out efficiently. With the effective use, any Institute can apply the Digital Literacy Program for setting up a digital learning process and conducting quick examinations and getting better results in less time.


Digital Literacy Program is designed for providing an effective learning program for distance learner for educating them and conducting logic tests of their students on a regular basis. The system handles all the operations and generates reports as soon as the test is completed which saves the precious time of faculties spent on reviewing answer sheets. The existing system is weak when it comes to surprise test organizations whereas this system can make it possible very easily

Data Flow Diagram
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Existing System

We discussed with different educational institutes staff to collect the facts about the current manual system and their opinions of why things happen as they do and their views of changing the existing process. After observation of the system we found that there is a need to computerize the working of the educational institutes because of following reasons
• Difficulty in searching past record.
• To overcome with the problem of security.
• For developing a better management
• To complete control over the account process.

Project Category

This is a web based project.

Technology Used

  • SQL server

Download project abstract in PDF from following linkdigital literacy program.docx