Hi could any body provide me the below e-books.will be highly appreciated

  1. Microelectronic Circuits and Devices”, second edition, by Prentice Hall
  2. R.A Colcaser and S.Diehl-Nagle , “ Material and Devices for Electrical Engineer and Physicists,
    MCGraw-Hill, New York,198ss5.
  3. Ramesh S. Gaonkar, “Microprocessor Architecture, Programming and Application with 8085”, 5th
    Edition 2002, Prentice Hall
  4. "Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics”, John R., Howell and Richard O.
    Bucckius, McGraw –Hill Publishers, 1987.
  5. William H. Hyat. Jr. & Jack E. Kemmerly, "Engineering Circuits Analysis", Fourth edition, McGraw Hill International Editions, Electrical Engineering Series, 1987.