Rocket Propulsion Elements by GEORGE P. SUTTON and OSCAR BIBLARZ is a book on analysis of propulsion system and non propulsion system subjects and between rocket systems and their key components and materials.

Table of Contents-

1 Classification

2 Definitions and Fundamentals

3 Nozzle Theory and Thermodynamic Relations

4 Flight Performance

5 Chemical Rocket Propellant Performance Analysis

6 Liquid Propellant Rocket Engine Fundamentals

7 Liquid Propellants

8 Thrust Chambers

9 Combustion of Liquid Propellants

10 Turbopumps, Engine Design, Engine Controls, Calibration,Integration, and Optimization

11 Solid Propellant Rocket Fundamentals

12 Solid Propellants

13 Combustion of Solid Propellants

14 Solid Rocket Components and Motor Design

15 Hybrid Propellant Rockets

16 Thrust Vector Control

17 Selection of Rocket Propulsion Systems

18 Rocket Exhaust Plumes

19 Electric Propulsion

20 Rocket Testing

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