Download Chemical Dynamics ebook by J.B. Dence, H.B. Gray, G.S. Hammond. Chemical Dynamics is the the systematic study of reactions and reactivity and it is the most fascinating part of the freshman chemistry.


Chemical Energetics

Application of the Chemical Potential to Acid Ionization

Energetics of Acid Ionization in the Born-Haber Cycle

Energetics of Acid Ionization in a Cycle Including Electroreduction Potentials

Rate Phenomena in Chemical Reactivity

Elementary Reaction Processes in Gaseous and Liquid Systems

An Illustrative Chemical Reaction

Mechanisms and Rate Laws

The Interpretation of Rate Equations by Meansof the Collision and the Transition State Theories

Classification of Reactions, Reactants, andMechanisms

Reaction Chemistry of Compounds of theSecond-Row Elements with Emphasis on Boron

Heaction Chemistry of Compounds of Carbon,Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Fluorine

Reactivity Correlations

Substitution Reactions of Complexes of Metal Ions

Lectures on Frontier Areas in Chemical Dymamies