Dynamics of Open Quantum Systems by Keith H. Hughes, This book contains the topic of dissipative quantum systems and should serve as a guide to many of the recent developments in this field.


Quantum Dissipation: A Primer

Time-Convolutionless Master Equation Dynamics for Charge-TransferProcesses between Semiconducting Polymers

Decomposition of Spectral Densities: Application to Dissipative Dynamics, Spectra and Molecular Wires

Quantum-Classical Statistical Dynamics with Trajectories

Single and Correlated Charge Transportacross Molecular Wires

Quantum Dissipation – From Path Integral to Hierarchical Equations ofMotion and to Continued Fraction Formalisms

Quantum Dynamics of Ultrafast Photoinduced Molecular Processes in aCondensed Phase Environment

Non-Markovian Dynamics at a Conical Intersection: Effective-ModeModels for the Short-Time Dynamics and Beyond

Dynamics of Quantum Dissipative Systems: The Example of QuantumBrownian Motors

Calculation of Vibrational Energy Relaxation Rates in Liquid Solutionvia the Linearized Semiclassical Method

System-Bath Quantum Dynamics of Vibrational Excitation and Relaxation of Adsorbates

Dissipative Quantum Dynamics with Trajectories