Download Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer by Incropera/Dewitt/Bergman/Lavine, From the study of physical science, you have got learned that energy is transferred by interactions of a system with its surroundings. These interactions area unit referred to as work and warmth. However, physical science deals with the top states of the method throughout that AN interaction happens and provides no info regarding the character of the interaction or the time rate at that it happens. the target of this text is to increase natural philosophy analysis through study of the modes of warmth transfer and thru development of relations to calculate heat transfer rates. during this chapter we have a tendency to lay the muse for a lot of of the fabric treated within the text. we have a tendency to do therefore by raising many queries. what's heat transfer? however is heat transferred? Why is it important? One objective is to develop AN appreciation for the elemental ideas and principles that underlie heat transfer processes. A second objective is for example the way within which a data of warmth transfer is also used with the primary law of physical science (conservation of energy) to resolve issues relevant to technology and society.


CHAPTER 1Introduction

CHAPTER 2Introduction to Conduction

CHAPTER 3One-Dimensional, Steady-State Conduction

CHAPTER 4Two-Dimensional, Steady-State Conduction

CHAPTER 5Transient Conduction

CHAPTER 6Introduction to Convection

CHAPTER 7External Flow

CHAPTER 8Internal Flow

CHAPTER 9Free Convection

CHAPTER 10Boiling and Condensation

CHAPTER 11Heat Exchangers

CHAPTER 12Radiation: Processes and Properties

CHAPTER 13Radiation Exchange Between Surfaces

CHAPTER 14Diffusion Mass Transfer