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Thread: Syllabus of distributed operating system concept and design

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    Information Syllabus of distributed operating system concept and design

    saction A

    Operating System Fundamentals: Evolution of Modern Operating Systems, Overview of
    System sample distributed application, Centralized Operating Systems, Network Operating Systems, Distributed Operating Systems, Cooperative Autonomous Applications. Interprocess Communication and Coordination: Selection Factors, Message Passing Communication, Pipes, Sockets, Request/Reply Communication, Transaction Communication, Name and Directory Services, Distributed Mutual Exclusion.

    Saction B

    Distributed Process Scheduling: A System Performance Model, Static Process Scheduling with Communication, Dynamic Load Sharing and Balancing, Distributed process Implementation, Real-time Scheduling.
    Distributed File Systems: Transparencies and Characteristics of DFS, DFS Design and Implementation, Transaction Service and Concurrency Control, Data and File Replication.


    Distributed Shared Memory: Non-Uniform Memory Access Architecture’s, Memory Consistency Models, Multiprocessor Cache Systems, Distributed Shared Memory, Implementation of DSM systems.
    Distributed Computer Security: Fundamentals of Computer Security, Discretionary Access Control Models, Mandatory Flow Control Models, Cryptography, Distributed Authentication and Key Distribution Issues Relevant to Distributed Security.

    Concurrency Control:
    Mutual Exclusion & Critical Regions, Semaphores, Locks, Token Passing/Mutual Exclusion, Deadlocks.
    Transaction Management & Consistency Models: Transaction Management, ACID Properties Of A Transaction , Consistency Models, Two Phase Commit Protocol, Nested Transactions.

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    Re: book of distributed operating system concept and design

    where is download option ?

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    Re: Syllabus of distributed operating system concept and design

    where is the link ???????????????????????

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