Download Transformer Practice: Manufacture, Assembling, Connections, Operation and Testing by William Thomas Taylor, The development of the alternating-current transformer dates back about twenty five years. At that time little was known re garding design for operation at high voltages, and the engineer of the present day can scarcely realize the difficulties encountered in the construction of the early transformers.



I. Introduction
II. Simple Transformer Manipulations
III. Two-phase Transformer Connections
IV. Three-phase Transformation System
V. Three-phase Transformer Difficulties
VI. Three-phase Two-phase Systems and Transformation
VII. Six-phase Transformation and Operation
VIII. Methods of Cooling Transformers
IX. Construction, Installation and Operation of Large Transformers
X. Auto Transformers
XI. Con.stant-current Transformers and Operation
XII. Series Transformers and Their Operation
XIII. Regulators and Compensators
XIV. Transformer Testing in Practice
XV. Transformer Specifications