Download Signal Processing for Communications by Paolo Prandoni, Martin Vetterli, With a novel, less formal approach to the topic, the authors have written a book with the conviction that signal processing ought to be taught to be fun. The treatment is less centered on the mathematics and more on the conceptual and practical aspects however the book remains an engineering text, with the goal of serving to students solve real-world issues. in this vein, the last chapter pulls along all the topics mentioned throughout the book into an in-depth check out the development of an end-to-end communication system, namely, a modem for communicating digital information over an analog channel.

Chapter 1- What is Digital Signal Processing

Chapter 2- Discrete Time Signals

Chapter 3- Signals and Hilbert Spaces

Chapter 4- Fourier Analysis

Chapter 5- Discrete-Time Filters

Chapter 6- The Z- Tranform

Chapter 7- Filter Design

Chapter 8- Stochastic Signal Processing

Chapter 9- Interpolation and Sampling

Chapter 10- A/D and D/A Conversions

Chapter 11- Multirate Signal Processing

Chapter 12- Design of a Digital Communication System

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