Download Advance Vehicle Technology by Heinz Heisler, This eagerly expected second edition of heinz Heisler's "Advanced Vehicle Technology" is a comprehensive and thorough description of vehicle bodies and components. The second edition has been strictly updated to provide additional material on subjects like antilock braking, vehicle aerodynamics, tire tread design advances, electronically controlled anti-vibration engine mountings and transport refrigeration. Around one hundred new diagrams are enclosed to enhance the text. "Advanced Vehicle Technology, 2nd Edition's" depth of coverage, detailed illustrations and fluent and precise style are the outstanding options in this high quality student text. more quality design has been added to boost and add value to the explanation given in the text. sixteen key topics are updated to bring this 2d edition in line with current technology. it's absolutely international in scope, reflecting the nature of contemporary vehicle engineering.


1 Vehicle structure

2 Friction clutch

3 Manual gearboxes and overdrives

4 Hydrokinetic fluid couplings and torque converters

5 Semi- and fully automatic transmission

6 Transmission bearings and constant velocity joints

7 Final drive transmission

8 Tyres

9 Steering

10 Suspension

11 Brake system

12 Air operated power brake equipment and vehicle retarders

13 Vehicle refrigeration

14 Vehicle body aerodynamics