Download Applied Tissue Engineering by Minoru Ueda, Tissue engineering, which aims at regenerating new tissues, likewise as substituting lost organs by creating use of autogenic or allogenic cells in combination with biomaterials, is an rising biomedical engineering field. There are many driving forces that presently create tissue engineering very challenging and important: 1) the restrictions in biological functions of current artificial tissues and organs made from synthetic materials alone, 2) the shortage of donor tissue and organs for organs transplantation, 3) recent exceptional advances in regeneration mechanisms created by molecular biologists, as well as 4) achievements in modern biotechnology for large-scale tissue culture and growth factor production. This book was edited by collecting all the achievement performed in the laboratory of oral and maxillofacial surgery and it brings along the specific experiences of the scientific community in these experiences of our scientific community in this field as well as the clinical experiences of the foremost notable specialists in the fields from all over nagoya University. The editors are particularly proud of bringing together the leading biologists and material scientists together with dentist, plastic surgeons, cardiovascular surgery and doctors of all specialties from all department of the medical school of nagoya University. Taken along, this distinctive assortment of world-wide skilled achievement and experiences represents the current spectrum of possibilities in tissue engineered substitution.









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