Download Sustainable Energy - Without the Hot Air by David JC MacKay, Many of the early chapters (numbered 1, 2, 3, . . . ) have longer technical chapters (A, B, C, . . . ) related to them. These technical chapters begin on page 254. At the end of every chapter are further notes and tips to sources and references. I find footnote marks distracting if they litter the main text of the book, so the book has no footnote marks. If you're keen on footnote marks, you can usefully add them – almost each substantive assertion in the text will have an associated note at the end of its chapter giving sources or further data.


I Numbers, not adjectives
1 Motivations
2 The balance sheet
3 Cars
4 Wind
5 Planes
6 Solar
7 Heating and cooling
8 Hydroelectricity
9 Light
10 Offshore wind
11 Gadgets
12 Wave
13 Food and farming
14 Tide
15 Stuff
16 Geothermal
17 Public services
18 Can we live on renewables?

II Making a difference
19 Every BIG helps
20 Better transport
21 Smarter heating
22 Efficient electricity use
23 Sustainable fossil fuels?
24 Nuclear?
25 Living on other countries’ renewables?
26 Fluctuations and storage
27 Five energy plans for Britain
28 Putting costs in perspective
29 What to do now
30 Energy plans for Europe, America, and the World
31 The last thing we should talk about
32 Saying yes


III Technical chapters
A Cars II
B Wind II
C Planes II
D Solar II
E Heating II
F Waves II
G Tide II
H Stuff II

IV Useful data
I Quick reference
J Populations and areas
K UK energy history

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