Download Advancement in Microstrip Antennas with Recent Applications by Ahmed Kishk, The book discusses basic and advanced ideas of microstrip antennas, including design procedure and recent applications. Book topics include discussion of arrays, spectral domain, high Tc superconducting microstrip antennas, optimization, multiband, dual and circular polarization, microstrip to waveguide transitions, and up bandwidth and resonance frequency. Antenna synthesis, materials, microstrip circuits, spectral domain, wave form evaluation, aperture coupled antenna geometry and miniaturisation are additional book topics. planar UWB antennas are widely covered and new dual polarized UWB antennas are newly introduced. design of UWB antennas with single or multi notch bands are also thought of. Recent applications like, cognitive radio, reconfigurable antennas, wearable antennas, and flexible antennas presented conferred. The book audience will be comprised of electrical and computer engineers and other scientists well versed in microstrip antenna technology.


1. Design Techniques for Conformal Microstrip Antennas and Their Arrays

2. Bandwidth Optimization of Aperture-Coupled Stacked Patch Antenna

3. Full-Wave Spectral Analysis of Resonant Characteristics and Radiation Patterns of High Tc Superconducting Circular and Annular Ring Microstrip Antennas

4. Compact Planar Multiband Antennas for Mobile Applications

5. Shared-Aperture Multi-Band Dual-Polarized SAR Microstrip Array Design

6. UWB Antennas for Wireless Applications

7. Printed Wide Slot Ultra-Wideband Antenna

8. Recent Trends in Printed Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Antennas

9. Dual Port Ultra Wideband Antennas for Cognitive Radio and Diversity Applications

10. Axial Ratio Bandwidth of a Circularly Polarized Microstrip Antenna

11. Planar Microstrip-To-Waveguide Transition in Millimeter-Wave Band

12. Drooped Microstrip Antennas for GPS Marine and Aerospace Navigation

13. Wearable Antennas for Medical Applications

14. Reconfigurable Microstrip Antennas for Cognitive Radio

15. Design, Fabrication, and Testing of Flexible Antennas