Download Advances in Cognitive Radio Systems by Cheng-Xiang Wang, Joseph Mitola III (ed.), Cognitive radio technologies are forms of wireless communication with several and varied applications. The contributions in this book will benefit researchers and engineers as they provide cutting-edge information in the field. Subjects include uses of wideband voltage controlled oscillators, control planes for spectrum access and mobility in networks with heterogeneous frequency devices. other chapters cover cognitive media access control and measurement methods for spectrum occupancy. additionally, there are contributions on delay analysis and channel selection in single-hop networks for delay-sensitive applications, the application of transmission security (TRANSEC) protocols to cognitive radio communication and also the use of blind detection, parameters, estimation and also the despreading of DS-CDMA signals in multirate, multiuser cognitive radio systems.


1. Wideband Voltage Controlled Oscillators for Cognitive Radio Systems

2. Control Plane for Spectrum Access and Mobility in Cognitive Radio Networks with Heterogeneous Frequency Devices

3. Cognitive Media Access Control

4. Delay Analysis and Channel Selection in Single-Hop Cognitive Radio Networks for Delay Sensitive Applications

5. Adaptation from Transmission Security (TRANSEC) to Cognitive Radio Communication

6. Blind Detection, Parameters Estimation and Despreading of DS-CDMA Signals in Multirate Multiuser Cognitive Radio Systems

7. Measurement and Statistics of Spectrum Occupancy