Download Advances in Satellite Communications by Masoumeh Karimi, Yuri Labrador, Satellite communication systems are now a major part of most telecommunications networks as well as our everyday lives through mobile personal communication systems and broadcast tv. A sound understanding of such systems is therefore vital for a large range of system designers, engineers and users. This book provides a comprehensive review of some applications that have driven this growth. It analyzes various aspects of Satellite Communications from Antenna design, Real Time applications, Quality of Service (QoS), atmospheric effects, Hybrid Satellite-Terrestrial Networks, sensor Networks and High capacity Satellite Links. it's the will of the authors that the topics chosen for the book will offer the reader an outline of the present trends in Satellite Systems, and additionally an thorough analysis of the technical aspects of every one of them


1. Helical Antennas in Satellite Radio Channel

2. Theoretical Analysis of Effects of Atmospheric Turbulence on Bit Error Rate for Satellite Communications in Ka-Band

3. Improving Quality-of-Service of Real-Time Applications over Bandwidth Limited Satellite Communication Networks via Compression

4. Multicast Security and Reliable Transport of Rekey messages over Hybrid Satellite/Terrestrial Networks

5. Design Issues of an Operational Fire Detection System Integrated with Observation Sensors

6. Passive Microwave Feed-Chains for High-Capacity Satellite Communications Systems

7. New Antenna Array Architectures for Satellite Communications