Download Notes on Operating Systems, This note deals with what operating systems are, and the context in which they operate. particularly, it emphasizes the problems of software layers and abstraction, and therefore the interaction between the operating system and the hardware. Topics covered includes: operating system functionality, Background on computer architecture, Processes and Threads, unix Processes, Concurrency, Resource contention and deadlock, Lock-Free Programming, Memory Management, File Systems, Mechanics of disk access, Crosscutting problems, SMPs and Multicore, operating system Structure, Performance evaluation, Communication and Distributed Systems.


I Background

1 Introduction
A Background on Computer Architecture

II The Classics

2 Processes and Threads
B UNIX Processes

3 Concurrency
4 Memory Management
5 File Systems
C Mechanics of Disk Access
6 Review of Basic Principles

III Crosscutting Issues

7 Identification, Permissions, and Security
8 SMPs and Multicore
9 Operating System Structure
10 Performance Evaluation
D Self-Similar Workloads
11 Technicalities

IV Communication and Distributed Systems

12 Interprocess Communication
13 (Inter)networking
14 Distributed System Services
E Using Unix Pipes
F The ISO-OSI Communication Model