Download Understanding and Writing Compilers ebook, This book tries to explain and clarify the principles of compiler writing. there's enough detail in this book to create a compiler for quite a difficult language certainly PASCAL, perhaps ALGOL 68 or SIMULA 67, however it does not an associate encyclopaedic coverage of the field.


I Modular Organisation of Compilers
1 Phases and Passes
2 Introduction to Translation
3 Introduction to Syntax Analysis
4 Lexical Analysis and Loading

II Translation and Crucial Code Fragments
5 Translating Arithmetic Expressions
6 Translating Boolean Expressions
7 Translating Statements and Declarations
8 Creating and Using the Symbol Table
9 Accessing an Element of a Data Structure
10 Code Optimisation

III Run-time Support
11 Procedure Call and Return
12 Arguments and Parameters
13 Environments and Closures
14 Efficiency, Heaps and Lifetimes

IV Parsing Algorithms
15 Notation and Formal Language Theory
16 Top-down Syntax Analysis
17 Operator-Precedence Analysis of Expressions
18 LR(1) Syntax Analysis

V Interpreting and Debugging
19 Interpreters and Interpretation
20 Run-time Debugging Aids

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