Download Coding Theory and Applications by Enes Pasalic, This book has been written as lecture notes for students who need a grasp of the fundamental principles of linear codes. The scope and level of the lecture notes are considered appropriate for undergraduate students of Mathematical Sciences at the faculty of mathematics, Natural Sciences and information Technologies at the University of Primorska. It is not possible to cover here in detail every aspect of linear codes, but I hope to provide the reader with an insight into the essence of the linear codes.


1 Preface
2 Shannon theory and coding
3 Coding theory
4 Decoding of linear codes and MacWilliams identity
5 Coding theory - Constructing New Codes
6 Coding theory - Bounds on Codes
7 Reed-Muller codes
8 Fast decoding of RM codes and higher order RM codes

Download pdf from below and explore all topics.