Download Concepts, Techniques, and Models of Computer Programming with Practical Applications in Distributed Computing and Intelligent Agents by P. Van Roy and S. Haridi, This book provides a broad and deep view of practical computer programming as a unified engineering discipline based on a sound scientific foundation. It brings the student a comprehensive and up-to-date presentation of all major programming concepts and techniques. The ideas and techniques are organized into computation models, or less accurately, programming paradigms. we outline the precise concept of computation model to capture the intuitive concept of programming paradigm. The models are situated in a uniform framework that includes a complete and simple formal semantics. we examine the relationships between the models and show how and why to use different models along in the same program.


I Introduction

1 Goals and Organization
2 Example Applications
3 Introduction to Programming

II General Computation Models

4 Declarative Computation Model
5 Declarative Programming Techniques
6 Declarative Concurrency
7 Relational Programming
8 Encapsulated State
9 Object-Oriented Programming
10 Concurrency and State
11 Representative Languages

III Specialized Computation Models

12 Graphic User Interface Programming
13 Distributed Programming
14 Constraint Programming

IV Semantics

15 Language Semantics
16 Virtual Machines