Download C++ Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic by Valluru B. Rao, This book explains the theory of neural networks and provides illustrative examples in C++ that the reader will use as a basis for additional experimentation.


Chapter 1—Introduction to Neural Networks

Chapter 2—C++ and Object Orientation

Chapter 3—A Look at Fuzzy Logic

Chapter 4—Constructing a Neural Network

Chapter 5—A Survey of Neural Network Models

Chapter 6—Learning and Training

Chapter 7—Backpropagation

Chapter 8—BAM: Bidirectional Associative Memory

Chapter 9—FAM: Fuzzy Associative Memory

Chapter 10—Adaptive Resonance Theory (ART)

Chapter 11—The Kohonen Self−Organizing Map

Chapter 12—Application to Pattern Recognition

Chapter 13—Backpropagation II

Chapter 14—Application to Financial Forecasting

Chapter 15—Application to Nonlinear Optimization

Chapter 16—Applications of Fuzzy Logic

Chapter 17—Further Applications

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