Download Conduction Heat Transfer Notes by Daniel W. Mackowski, This note is not meant to be a comprehensive presentation of the subject of heat conduction, and the student is referred to the texts referenced below for such treatments. A goal of mine, in preparing the notes, has been to address an apparent shortcoming in many of the current texts, in that the texts present the mathematical formulation and analytical solution to a wide variety of conduction problems, yet they spend little if any time on discussing how numerical and graphical results can be obtained from the solutions.


1 Preliminaries and Review

2 Advanced 1–D Analytical Methods

3 Transient and One Dimensional Conduction

4 Two Dimensional Steady–State Conduction

5 General Multidimensional Conduction

6 General Time–Dependent Conduction

7 Moving Interface Problems

8 Hybrid Analytical/Numerical Methods in Conduction