Download Introduction to Surveying ebook, Surveying is the method of determining the relative position of natural and manmade features on or below the earths surface, the presentation of this info either graphically within the form of plans or numerically within the form of tables, and therefore the setting out of measurements on the earths surface. Topics lined includes: Survey control, Introduction to Levelling, Level Traversing - Rise and Fall method, 5 Level Traversing - Height of collimation method, Adjustment of the automatic Level, Misclosure and Adjustment of Level Traverses, Level Set-Out, Errors in Levelling, traditional Distance measurement, Electronic Distance measurement, The theodolite, control Traverse, Detail Surveys, Level Sections, Pegging and Levelling a section of Road, road construction, Areas of regular and Irregular Figures, cross-section Areas, Volumes, setting out Distances, Set-Out Surveys, setting out Batter Stakes.