Download Basic Oracle Concepts, Covered topics are: Introduction to Databases and therefore the relational Model, database Objects, Responsibilities of a database Administrator, The Oracle Product Family. Download pdf from below to explore all content and start learning.


Chapter 1 Basic Oracle Concepts
Chapter 2 Installing Oracle Database 10g
Chapter 3 Creating an Oracle Database
Chapter 4 Interfacing with the Oracle Database
Chapter 5 Managing Oracle Processes
Chapter 6 Managing Oracle Storage Structures
Chapter 7 Administering Users
Chapter 8 Managing Database Objects
Chapter 9 Manipulating Database Data
Chapter 10 Programming Oracle with PL/SQL
Chapter 11 Securing the Database
Chapter 12 Confi guring Oracle Networking
Chapter 13 Managing Shared Servers
Chapter 14 Managing Database Performance
Chapter 15 Monitoring Oracle
Chapter 16 Managing Undo
Chapter 17 Dealing with Locking
Chapter 18 Confi guring the Database for Backup and Recovery
Chapter 19 Backing Up Oracle Databases
Chapter 20 Recovering Oracle Databases
Chapter 21 Managing Globalization in Oracle Databases